First Post in a New Country.

Its been a week and two days since I’ve arrived in Liverpool, UK. It feels like its been a month. It almost feels like I never left and its been almost a year since I was here last. It’s a whole lot colder here then it is in Florida. A whole lot colder. It makes me happy though. Right now it’s the same temperature it is in a Florida winter but it isn’t as humid and it’s bearable.

Most of my stuff is unpacked. Most of three of the four suitcases. Husband is not so impressed with all the clothes I brought. I really didn’t think I was bringing that much, but going from a walk-in closet to a built into the wall closet isn’t easy…we’ll eventually figure it out. Until then I’ll be living half out of suitcases. We’ve almost reached out halfway point in our house savings at least! YAY!!

One of my favorite things about Liverpool is the growing food culture. We had an amazing date night the Saturday I arrived. The restaurant we started at was called Bacaro, seriously if you’re ever in Liverpool and want the perfect date night place go. It’s a small plates restaurant with an amazing atmosphere. We shared six plates, and we were stuffed when we left. We walked around a little, went to a tequila bar and then to another and ended up coming home at about one.

It’s hard being so far away from home but I do love this city and can’t wait to see what adventures me and the husband get into.




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