Paris was amazing!

We were in Paris this past weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some say its dirty and the people are rude, but then it’s also known as the city of love so how bad could it be? I was amazed! The city was beautiful! Going without knowing what to expect was probably the best thing for the trip. The only bad encounter I had was the rude man coming into the border who threw my passport and boarding ticket at me. It was late so he must’ve been having a bad day.

The city was gorgeous. Our first day we went by the Arc de Triomphe. At first we couldn’t figure out how to get to it, it’s in the middle a the biggest round about in the world. In your head you think “how big can the biggest round about be?”.img_0572 Well it’s huge, and has at least a hundred cars and busses all around it. No chance of walking or even running through it. We found the tunnels under the road and you really don’t realize how massive it is until you stand right under it. Pictures you see on the internet and in your history books really don’t do it justice. The details in the sculptures all around it are incredible and there’s so many, it’s covered in stories and decorations. We must’ve spent an hour just looking at the outside and walking around it taking in the details. Then the Eiffel Tower was next. One of the scariest moments ever in my life, well maybe like third or fourth….maybe fifth scariest. We went to the very very top. The very very top of the img_0588Eiffel Tower is very very high. We got there went through security, stood in line for an hour and a half, security again, then finally the sketchiest elevators I’ve ever been on in my life. It stopped on the second floor so we stood in line to get on an elevator even sketchier then the first one. I’ve never seen my husband so scared. It shot us to the top. We got out and I froze, like literally, it was so cold. I wanted to get down as soon as possible but I was dragged around the top and then the deck at the top. When you stepped onto the deck you could feel the swaying. We got down as quick as possible. Then had lunch on the first floor of the Tower. Which I though was a cool idea, it wasn’t. I don’t recommend it. We then realized we may be late for our concert that night so we rushed back to the hotel, across the city. We quickly changed then went to one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Panic! At the Disco put on an amazing show! It was an amazing end to an amazing day. We were so exhausted. At the end of the day all I wanted was a hot bath and a lot of sleep.

Sunday we started by switching hotels. We were supposed to leave Sunday but it was cheaper to stay another night in Paris so we did and stayed in a different part of the city. We walked into the room to towel swans and hearts all over the room with a bottle of champagne. It was adorable. We walked to the small Statue of Liberty on the river took a few pictures then walked to find food and found the most adorable little cafe. It was called Loulou’s and was close to Notre Dame which was our next stop. I could hug that little cafe it was so cute. Then Notre Dame, it was a site. The building is so gothic, the gargoyles are img_0655so creepy and the statues just give you shivers. We didn’t go inside, I wanted to but the line was again ridiculous. So we walked around to the back and went into the small park they have. This view of the building was my favorite. We walked to the Louvre Museum after that even though we knew it was about to close. My little brother wants to go so we already knew we would have a good chance of coming back to go inside. We did go inside the lobby and other areas of it. I didn’t realize it was basically an underground city. It’s huge. There’s a mall underground and busses and you can get on the metro from it. So we did walk around to see what they had there. We called in an early night that night because we had our flight that morning.

I can’t wait to go to Paris again. It’s a beautiful city. There’s so much more to explore and hopefully next time we go someone will go with us.


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