Still going in circles…

Still don’t have a job. Still don’t have my visa back with my name change. I’ve had nothing really to blog about. The boredom has become so bad that I bought a crochet kit. I don’t even like crocheting. It hurts my hands and I’m terrible at it. My husband has also started teaching my how to play FIFA on the Playstation. I almost beat him this morning and I think that scared him a little. Which kinda makes me like it more….
We started the whole new year eat well thing. It’s going okay so far. We aren’t doing super well but it isn’t terrible either. We found a lot of new recipes that are designed for cleaner eating so that helps a lot. I went to make mango “ice cream” earlier. I had the mango all chopped up and started eating it, I ended up eating the whole mango. So no ice cream for us. I really like the trying new recipes part of eating healthy. Most of the time you don’t really have to change everything you eat. Just tweak it and switch the bad stuff for better stuff. Like mangos instead of dairy in ice cream. 

We didn’t really do anything terrible exciting for New Years. We ended up going to an “American themed” prom with his friends. Really they should have called it an 80’s themed prom. There wasn’t much American in it and they played the same ten songs over and over again the whole night. There also wasn’t many trash can…actually I can’t remember seeing any at all, so the floor was covered in cups, liquid and napkins. The ladies bathroom was upstairs, up steep stairs, I ended up busting my ass on the stairs. The worst thing about it being that I had already changed into flats, I’m sure I slipped on a wet napkin. The next morning I had an enormous bruise on my right butt cheek. My right leg was numb from the butt down to my toes. It continued getting worse for two days, I’ve never seen a bruise so black. I still have a shadow from it on my cheek, and I still wake up with numb toes. 

Good news though! Out of all this boredom and being lonely I decided to join Bumble BFF and make friends! I went to meet someone for pizza the other day and they were American! So I got to show her a little of the city and had someone other then my husband to talk to. I really like this little app a lot. Primarily it’s for finding dates but the BFF feature is really cool and I hope to meet a lot of cool people.


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