It’s been five months since I’ve posted…

Sorry! I was getting so frustrated and negative I had to focus on doing things to get me back on track. My life has finally gained some stability! I have a job, my visa is now all in order and I feel like I can breath. I almost considered not going back to this blog, I want the memories though, and now that everything feels better there will be more to post about. We have a few things planned which I’m excited about, and it’s finally summer! (Sort of, it’s currently raining and 56F outside, but thats better then snow!)

I started working at a pub! I’ve always wanted to give the restaurant/bar job a try and I’ve finally had the opportunity to do it. There was two different job offers for me, one at the pub and another in town at a hotel restaurant for breakfast. I did a trial run at the hotel, I loved it, but the trip to town and back was a bit to much for my taste. I turned the hotel down and stayed at the pub! It was just a carvery but has recently been renovated into a carvery and pizza place. A carvery, for my American friends, is a lot like a buffet except the meat is carved for you and you get to choose your own veg and other sides, I had no idea what one was when I first visited England. It’s a really nice place to work, the staff work so well as a team and everyone gets along really well. It gets busy, and has been steady getting busier everyday since our reopening and it being summer. Which I’m happy about, keeps me busy and my part-time hours have turned into full-time hours, which means more money for me! And I get the experience I want working in the food/hospitality area.

Now that my visa has been sorted we have planned a trip to Florida at the end of July. I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED! But it’s a secret, only a few of my family/friends know, we’re going to surprise my mom. My little brother is in charge of getting her in the right place at the right time. All of this is just adding to the excitement! Paul has also rented us a mustang for our trip (*rolling eyes emoji*). Hopefully we wont run out of money for gas (*another rolling eye emoji*). I haven’t been worked enough to really contribute to the trip yet so he’s paid for most of it and I wont be able to drive (even though I have a valid Florida drivers license I can’t be put on the rental insurance because I don’t have a full UK license, annoying) so he got to pick whatever he wanted and he picked his dream car.

We have a few things planned, Tarpon Springs of course, the Devils Den swimming hole, maybe Tampa and Gainesville. Big maybe to New Orleans if we want an extra 15 hours of driving on top of what we’re already doing. Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more things and a few days of just relaxing and visiting family, I’ve missed them so much.

While we’re over there it’ll be our one year anniversary. I want to surprise him with something but I’m not sure what yet. Maybe St Augustine, it’s been our favorite place to visit so far.  I have a few ideas, I’ll just have to wait and see if anything better comes along. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, time has flown by.


PS The featured image is one from a few days ago that I took on the docks in Liverpool.

PSS I’m going to add a few pictures from the few months I’ve been away from here, so check them out in my photos section!


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